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This is MY Dad?????

I had read that the fear of him was the beginning of wisdom and according to that I thought I should be REALLY wise.

He pointed out to me that it was just a beginning. I had a lot more to learn. That turned out to be so true.

He led me to a story, one that I am still trying to fully grasp, known to many as the prodigal son. In that story the son disrespects and dishonors his wealthy father by asking for his inheritance while his father is still alive. He’s not even sick. I don’t like this boy already. But…

The first thing that blows me away is that he gives the kid the money – ALL of it. And, as expected, the boy leaves home and spends it all having “fun” with “friends” who, of course, leave him when the money is gone. He has to find a job. The only one he can get is disgusting and degrading, one that everyone back home would normally be ashamed to even think about.

But the boy is starving. That awful job didn’t even pay enough to be able to eat. Yes, he’s getting what he deserves, right?

The story goes that this son comes to his senses and remembers that the servants back home had enough to eat. Now the story doesn’t say he was truly sorry for all he has done. But it says that because he is hungry he decides he will go back home and offer himself as a servant to his father.

Time passes. The father sees a lone figure, way out there, walking toward him, some sorry sight, I bet. Far too skinny now, ragged clothes, yet the father still recognizes his son.

Now this next part is what I am still trying to fully understand. So the father should wait for the boy to drag himself up and fall at the father’s feet – begging for forgiveness. That son should spend some time as the lowliest servant until he has, at least, learned his lesson, right?

Nope. The father runs as fast as he can to greet the boy. The son starts his rehearsed speech but the father cuts him off. The dad tells the servants to bring HIS best clothes and put them on the boy. He gives this kid a ring, a sign of sonship. AND, the dad orders a huge party for the boy and his friends.

It struck me. This was a story that my brother told me to try to help me see how my Dad sees me! It was me! It was meant for me!

WHAT???? This can’t be true, can it?


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