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What is a Dad????

But didn’t the kid get off scot free?

“That was neither the beginning of the story or the end of the story! The point being is that his father never stopped loving him, never gave up on him, and always saw him as so much more than the way the boy saw himself!”

“You ought to understand what that is like. You are a dad yourself!”

Yes, that’s true.

“Do you love your children?”

Of course I do – very, very much!

“Which ones do you not love?”

I love each one of them. Each one is very different. But I dearly love each one.

“When any of them mess up do you give up on that one?”

Of course not!

“You still love them and want nothing but the best for them?”


“Do you see them as more than they probably see themselves?”

I can’t even describe how wonderfully that I see them. They are infinitely valuable to me.

“And you believe you are a better dad than I am?”

Uh, uh, uh I would never say that!

And, besides, not every dad is the same!

“Exactly my point!”

“The problem is that you have wrong beliefs around who I am and who you really are. Your concept of father is filtered through what you took from what you were taught and your history with the fathers you have known… or not known. And your concept of yourself is filtered through the things you came to believe about yourself from the events and people in your life.”

“What if what you thought was true wasn’t true at all?”

That can’t be. If it wasn’t true then I wouldn’t believe it!

(Kind laughter!)

“And the greatest minds of their time believed the world was flat! That made it true, right?”

But they were wrong!

“And you’re not, right?”

“Are you willing to look more closely at what YOU believe?”


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