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What’s the deal?

“Are you willing to look more closely at what YOU believe?”

I don’t know!

“You do know. You need to say it out loud so that you notice what you are really thinking!”

I still want to say I don’t know but when I pay close attention I notice that I am hesitant to really examine them.

“Go on.”

My beliefs make me who I am.

“And some of them have changed over time already!”


But what will happen if I change?

“What will happen if you stay the same?”

“Are all of your beliefs serving you well?”

But I am used to them now. They feel comfortable to me.

“How about we make a deal?”

What kind of deal?

“We will look at certain of your beliefs together.”

“You will have the freedom to choose, keep them or change them.”

“It’s up to you.”

That sounds fair. I will be free to choose?


“Will you trust me?”

I want to…


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