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Do you believe that I really love you?

“Do you believe that I really love you?”

I do now!

“Are you sure about that?”

I believe it with all of my heart!


“You WILL have the freedom to choose for yourself!”

“But just remember – freedom always comes with consequences – good or bad.”

“Whatever path you choose I will still love you! I will still care about you. I will still want the best for you.”

“If you choose wisely I will be there to celebrate with you. And, if you do not choose wisely, there will be consequences but I will still be there with you – ready to help pick you up, hold your hand or even carry you for as long as you wish it.”

Wait a minute! You were never there before – good times or bad!

“Do you realize you just made a statement of belief?”

That’s not just a belief. It’s a fact.

“Is it?”

“Again, at one time, it was a generally accepted fact that the world was flat!”

Whatever you want to call it – I didn’t see you. I didn’t hear you. You weren’t there.

“Good! This is a good place to begin…”

Good? I don’t understand.

Begin what!

“Begin to examine your beliefs. Although you have never noticed it before, this IS a belief. And this one is about me!”



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