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But it hurts…!

“Are you willing to look at what emotions were behind your anger when your wife was sick?”

I guess so!

“When you go there and feel your anger can you feel your way behind the anger to the original emotions beneath?”


When I go there in my memories, I am afraid. It was 2 years. I am afraid that she will never get better. I want to help her but nothing seems to work. I feel hopeless and alone.

“And that made you angry at me?”


“Highly-charged, emotional events that occur in the present usually have roots in the past – in past trauma or in early childhood events where you formed those original beliefs.”

Say, what is going on? I don’t particularly like thinking about this. It hurts!

“False beliefs about yourself or about me are painful – to greater and lesser degrees depending upon your beliefs – but painful nonetheless.”

“There is only one way out – replacing those beliefs with the truth!”

“Do you remember reading… the truth shall set you free?”

The truth according to who?

“It is ‘to whom’ and there is still so much more that I want to help you understand…”

“But, for now, let’s stick to the task at hand!”



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