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The G_d I never knew!

I was so angry at her for how she treated me there. I was so angry for how it made me feel. I had never forgiven her for that. I had wanted to see her punished for that.

“Was… Had… those words are past tense. How do you feel now?”

I… I… I feel compassion for her.

“And that anger?”

Gone! All gone!

“Are you sure?”

Yes… yes… it’s gone.

“And, when you think of this event now, how do you feel?”

Peace and calm! I have never felt such peace and calm.

“Again, are you sure?”

You ask me if I am sure. Don’t you know?

“Of course I do. I ask so that YOU will notice… so that you will pay attention… so that you won’t move on without grasping the significance of this moment. And, if there are any hesitations – any concerns that you have not yet dealt with, you can bring them to me now if you are ready!”

So am I sure? Yes!

It is such peace and calm!

I met my older brother, your son, there. You sent him to me. And he touched me… in such kindness… in such gentleness… in such love. I know what he told me was true. It changes… EVERYTHING.

I don’t understand. This is not the G_d I have known. The G_d I have known is angry, mean and vengeful. I was so afraid. He was demanding. He was a dictator. I was nothing. I kept trying to perform to earn his favor and never felt like I could ever live up to his expectations.

“I know!”

But that’s not true. That’s not who you are!

You are my Father. I AM your child. And you love me more perfectly than I could ever love my own children. I’m not a better father than you are.

I know that I still don’t understand everything. I still have questions. But you want a loving relationship with me like I want a loving relationship with my own children.

You have been very patient with me. I didn’t expect that either. May I ask you more questions?

“Dear one, you may ask me anything at all!”



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