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You can run but you can't hide!

“My care for your freedom also encompasses other areas of your life!”

Other areas!


What other areas!

“That pain that you carried from those false beliefs about being alone, helpless, something being wrong with you, about who you were at your core being bad – that pain kept you in slavery!”


“Yes, you were a slave to the pain. It drove you to all kinds of things to try to keep it down, to try not to have to think about it, to try not to feel.”

“Some people choose drugs, alcohol, sex or throwing themselves into their work. Others think it can be fixed if they can just find the right man or woman to fill those needs. Still others choose video games, movies, TV, books, food or sleep. People get really creative at ways to avoid their pain.”

“Those things help mask the pain but they never truly make it go away! They never solve the real problem.”

“So you just keep doing the same things over and over, sometimes with the old master, sometimes with a new! But slavery is always slavery – no matter who the master is!”

But I didn’t know how to deal with it any other way!

And, you’re right, I did…

I kept having to try to keep it down! 

I didn’t want anyone else to know just how BAD I was!

I didn’t want anyone else to see!

I couldn’t run fast enough…

I couldn’t run far enough…


when I go there now….

It’s GONE!

How did you do that? How did you change it?

“All that I did was to tell you the truth!”

“Go back and look at those questions! And pay close attention to the answers you received!”

Ah, yes, and when I got it there… I knew it was true! It wasn’t just a ‘positive affirmation’ that I was trying… over and over… to make myself believe. I instantly knew it was true.

“And you feel…?”

I feel FREE…

peace and calm…


I know I’m not done with everything.

“Of course you are not done with everything…”

“Just like those people you pass everyday, every one of them… you had lots and lots of chances to learn false beliefs!”

“Each one has added to your slavery!”

“And, as you choose to notice the things that are causing you such pain in life today, if you will work with me to find those false beliefs and ask for truth…”

“Each of those can be changed, not just pushed down… changed!”

“And, with each change, you become more free, truly free – no more running, no more hiding, no more masking the pain.”

That sounds too good to be true!

“So, are you willing to take this journey with me?”

“You are always free to choose… you may choose to keep your old beliefs… or choose to take this journey to true freedom!”



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