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My own G_d complex

I am confused.

The Father that I read about, learned about, and feared had commands, wanted me to serve him and bow down to him. Don’t you have rules for me to follow, demands that I obey, requirements that I bow down and worship you?

“You are changing the subject. But let us examine these beliefs as well.”

“You ARE confused.”

“You truly believe that I NEED anything from you?”

“You believe that anything you do, say, or think will make me more or less than I already am?”

“You would have to believe that I have a human ego that needs to be fed to boost some need to make myself greater?”

“So go ahead!”

“Ask me if that belief is true!”

I’m embarrassed! Now that you put it that way, it’s a stupid question.

“It’s not a stupid question. In your heart of hearts you believe that it is true!”

“Let’s deal with it!”

But you gave us the Book. It says right there…

“Yes, and we will deal with that in due time!”

“Right now, let us deal with this belief that I need anything from you.”

OK. Do you need anything from me?

I get it…

You don’t need anything from me. Nothing I can ever do, say, think or feel can make you any more or less of anything other than who you already are.

You don’t NEED anything! You love me. You love me as your child. You want me to choose you as you have chosen me. You love so differently than how we think. You love more deeply than we can completely comprehend or fully appreciate.

I know I can’t truly understand it all. You love us more perfectly than I can love my own children and that speaks more than I can tell.

Yes! Yes! That is true!

That’s very different!

How did I miss that?

“You live in a world that has a tendency to believe that I have the same human eccentricities as you because that is your experience here.”

“False beliefs bring nothing but pain and sorrow.”

“I will offer you the truth if you will truly ask and truly listen!”

“If you choose, we can continue to examine those other beliefs!”



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