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When All’s Right with the World

He sat in the dirt playing with a shiny, brand-new dump truck, making dump truck noises… barking orders to the imaginary driver to load here and unload there… transforming the landscape around him to fit his idea of how it should look. He was so engaged in his world that he paid no mind to the squeals, shouting and pandemonium flying all around him.
But, every so often, he would pause from his work momentarily to check to make sure that she was still there. She would smile at him from the bench nearby and he would return to the serious and meticulous business at hand.
At last, she called to him and all operations ceased. He snatched up the truck and ran to her, laughing and burying his face in the folds of her bright blue skirt. She smiled, picked him up, hugged him lovingly and gave him a kiss. Then… they were gone.
I lingered a bit and watched as all the considerable time and attention to detail so patiently and carefully crafted was gone… in but a few minutes.
And it came to me…
                                  the time and effort was not what really mattered to him.
He had no ego investment in accomplishment.
It was clear that he knew she was right there. After all, he kept checking to make sure. He felt safe and secure. He wasn’t alone. He felt loved. For him, right there, all’s right with the world.
Questions came to me…
Just how much does all of OUR own achievement really matter?
How often do we find ourselves absorbed in our own little world?
How often do we pause to check and realize that He is right there?
Do we really believe that He is there?

He says that He is always here, that He has always been right here, that He lives in us. Do we grasp even a little bit what that really means?

Do we recognize His voice when He calls?
Do we come when He calls?
Do we honestly trust Him for our safety and security instead of ourselves?
Do we understand how much we matter!
Do you understand how very much you matter!
It’s a promise made a long, long time ago! When we become like a little child… all will be right with our world.


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